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Ohio is committed to the implementation of a unified state system of support directly focused on improving the academic achievement of all students and student groups. The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) is Ohio's strategy for ensuring a systematic and coherent approach for building the capacity of all districts and schools in meaningful and real ways that allow districts to improve instructional practice on a district-wide basis, and make and sustain significant improvement in student performance against grade-level benchmarks aligned with academic content standards for all students across the district.


The OIP offers a structured process for enacting the essential practices, outlined in the Ohio Leadership Development Framework, by giving districts time to review their data and make more informed decisions, requiring a District Leadership Team (DLT), Building Leadership Teams (BLTs), and Teacher Based Teams (TBTs) to participate in the process of improvement, and offering a more time effective and efficient process for districts in completing a comprehensive needs assessment as part of their Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP).

Ohio's state system of support, including State Support Teams (SSTs) and Educational Service Centers (ESCs), assist districts in the implementation of the OIP and on the use of a connected set of tools to improve instructional practice and student performance. SST8 provides support for the districts' development and implementation of the OIP through high-quality professional development, process coaching, and collaboration with district/building teams. This year, we will host a series of OIP Network meetings to assist district, building, and teacher leaders in developing and refining their structures and practices within the OIP Framework. These sessions are also available in the SST8 events calendar; registration is through STARS (search "SST8 OIP").

2015-2016 OIP Network Meetings
Date Time Topic Target Audience
Oct. 26th 8:30-11:30 SST8-OIP: Defining the role of the Internal Facilitator Internal Facilitators/District Admin
Nov. 17th 8:30-11:30 SST8-OIP: Tips in facilitating an effective BLT meeting Building Principals
Jan. 25th 8:30-3:30 SST8-OIP: Communication, TBT feedback, and indicator monitoring for Elementary BLTs Elem Principals w/2 BLT members
Feb. 22nd 8:30-3:30 SST8-OIP: Communication, TBT feedback, and indicator monitoring for Secondary BLTs Secondary Principals w/2 BLT members
Mar. 14th 8:30-11:30 SST8-OIP: Share communication tools and process with regional colleagues Internal Facilitators/District Admin
May 16th 8:30-11:30 SST8-OIP: Check-in and plan for next year Internal Facilitators/District Admin

Each OIP Network meeting will have a component of PD as well as structured time for participants to share their progress or challenges regarding the topic of the day.


This site, developed by the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC), offers wealth of school improvement/OIP resources, including self-assessments, training modules, a video library, and documents/tools for implementing research-based practices.

OLAC online modules can be found at

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